What age should toddlers start helping with chores?

Looking back and reflecting on the answer to that question, I now realize that I had my toddler participating in chores around the house before her 3rd birthday. Some may think I'm nuts! But honestly it was such a natural process. I'm sure all moms experience the same thing I'm experiencing with my daughter - she always wants to HELP! I hope this is how she will be at 14 (wishful thinking lol). So, when she would throw tantrums because I told her no, I turned it into a fun learning experience. So my 3 year old helps out with the following chores while learning:

1. Sorting and folding Laundry - At a very young age she was able to differentiate all our clothes. I would create three different piles one for daddy, her and me. Together we would put each piece of garment in the respective pile. What was a monotonous task for me was "hella" fun for munchkin.

2. Cooking - Believe it or not I actually taught munchkin her colors while we cooked together in the kitchen. I have to tell you I appreciate a home cooked meal and no matter how tired I am from working all day I love coming home and cooking for my family. A lot of our bonding time is spent in the kitchen. There is so much learning opportunities available through cooking. Differentiating colors, shapes, counting etc.

3. Gardening & Watering Plants - Munchkin has her own plant and she takes watering her plant very seriously lol. It's really cute to watch.

So, what do you have your kids help out with?

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