How Important is Planning When Managing a Family?

It's Saturday afternoon and I'm sitting at my dining room table, laptop on, Pinterest is my website of choice; here I skim through and get inspiration for lunches for the upcoming week for munchkin. As I am writing down her breakfast and lunch menu I also make my grocery list. Soon after that I plan out dinner and snacks for us grown folks and add to the grocery list. Yea! sure this sounds like a pain in the you know what, but over time you breeze thru like a pro. Every week this is my meal plan time. Yes! I meal plan (cute lunches post coming soon). Why didn't I think of this earlier? I had to ask myself because I was so tired of running to the grocery store 2 / 3 times a week because I ran out of something. It got to the point where the cashiers started recognizing me by face. Now I go once a week, and if I stick to the plan, the grocery store doesn't see me until the following week. It has honestly saved me a lot of time. Okay, yes sometimes I divert from the plan because I'm simply not feeling pasta today or hubby for whatever reason feel like he wants to complicate my life and request some other thing for dinner. You may think I'm crazy but I seriously plan everything… It has made my life run so much smoother, I spend less time and energy figuring things out. Here are a few areas of my life that I plan out:

  • I organize munchkin's closet with the outfits she's wearing for that week at the very front of her closet. This has helped me tremendously! I'm no longer going crazy in the mornings searching for her clothes, trying to find a matching sock, or think about the perfect outfit only to find it in the dirty clothes basket. Oh, but she should be independent and choose her own outfit! You may add, but seriously my kid wakes up at 6AM very disgruntled (my poor baby) outfit of choice is the least of her troubles. Plus we let her choose her shoes/ scarf and jacket in the winter, stuff like that.

  • I also organize my outfits for a given week and Iron / steam whatever needs to be ironed. This I have been practicing long before munchkin and is actually a habit I picked up from my mom growing up. Once again, just makes my morning runs so much smoother and I go to work looking halfway decent.

  • I Plan activities months in advance, mostly centered around long weekends. I don't know about you but the weekends are just NOT long enough. I swear we should have an extra day. So I generally don't plan anything crazy during the weekend. Plus munchkin has activities on Saturdays and that kills my day anyways.

It may sound like I'm constantly walking around with paper and pen and may freak out if something goes not as planned but I'm honestly very flexible.

Please share some things that you do to help create flow in your life.

#planning #groceryshopping #savingtime #stayingorganized #mealplanning

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