Steps to Temporarily Homeschooling

Not only does the scare and precautionary measures against COVID-19 have all the cleaning supplies and toilet paper missing 🙅🏽‍ but this will also cause a break in the learning process for this school year. As school districts across the country and dare I say the world closes so as to protect our children and mitigate the spread of the virus; parents are charged with the task of becoming teachers. Are you anxious about the kids being home the next few weeks? I totally get it but I guarantee you, homeschooling does not have to take all day like regular school but it’s so important to continue to stimulate our children’s minds. I have never homeschooled but as a classroom teacher by default I’m always engaging the kids in learning no matter what we’re doing - its a teacher thing. Here are a few steps to help you get through the next few weeks:

1. Reach out for help

Hopefully your child’s teacher was able to provide some materials for the time school will be closed or is accessible by email / some kind of online learning platform.. If not, there are plenty of online resources out there to help get you started (keep reading, I compiled a list of resources for you below). Also, connect with other parents and share ideas of how to keep the kids engaged. Pinterest is your friend! I consult Pinterest for everything in all facets of my life. I suggest you also hit Pinterest for fun ideas, you will not be disappointed.

2. Create a schedule and stick to it

These are uncertain times and we’re just really taking things day-by-day; the best thing we can do for our kids is to maintain some level of consistency. There are a bunch of different schedules circulating the internet on various platforms. I'm still working on a schedule that works for the girls and I. I still have 5 classes that I'm responsible for and over 100 students so this schedule must include time for me to also post lessons, grade etc.

3. Make it fun!

Yes! Please cover Math, Reading and writing but don’t forget to include all the special fun things that get kids up and moving. The weather is finally warming up where we are and we will be outside jumping on the trampoline, taking walks and looking for interesting things (maybe crawly things) in our backyard. Not to mention dance parties! “Alexa, Play Kids Bop”. Exercise those fine motor skills by engaging in Art/creative projects that involve painting, cutting and glueing. Board games are also fun and teaches kids soft skills such as, communicating, waiting their turn, working as a team, problem solving, decision making, and how to deal with mistakes among other things.

4. Use online resources as support

There are a number of FREE apps and websites available to your disposal that are great additional learning resources. Here’s a list of ones we’ve either used in the past or plan on checking out this week..


  • Endless Reader

  • Endless Math

  • ABC Mouse

  • EPIC

  • Busy Beavers


Take a look at virtual tours of national parks:

Learn Coding

5. Breathe

Definitely breathe, you got this! You’re not in this alone, I’ll be going crazy right along with you :).

Please comment how you will spend the next couple of weeks as we go through this quarantine. Also, list any additional learning resources you think would be great.

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