Defining a Poised Mom

Of all the titles I’ve ever held, “mom , mommy, mama, mother” has indeed been the hardest but most fulfilling and life-changing. Motherhood made me a better version of myself and introduced me to a layer of “me” I never knew existed. Motherhood gave strength and bravery to conquer anything I set my mind to. Motherhood also made me paranoid; You know, the type of paranoia that makes you check on your baby’s breathing every 5 minutes. Motherhood made me scared and vulnerable. It introduced me to a softer, more tender side of me. I know if you’re a mom reading this right now, I know you can relate. Motherhood made me poised!

That is why I coined this definition of “Poised Moms” for all of us on this journey of raising the next generation and blooming into the best version of ourselves each day.

“A poised mom is strong, and she’s fierce. She is constantly seeking harmony between motherhood and all the other hats she wears. She’s grounded yet ready for action. She’s composed and self-assured but not afraid to be vulnerable. She understands the importance of self-care and pours into herself but also gives freely of herself to those around her. She is fueled by the unconditional love she has for her children and her family. Whatever she touches flourishes. She makes a house a home. She’s no clown but can juggle 12 things with not enough sleep. She’s tough but soft. Strong-willed but tranquil. She is you, and she is me”.

We’re all poised in our own way as moms. Too bold to fit in any box of what motherhood should look like. We each have what I like to call “poised power.” Leave me a comment below, what would you add to this definition? What is your “poised power.”

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