Mom Crush Mondays!

I'm; so excited to launch this new segment on the blog today, "Mom Crush Mondays." I started this space to build a community of poised moms committed to nurturing passionate children by leading by example. The mothers that will be featured are amazing and on a journey of finding harmony between caring for their families and achieving their personal goals. As a champion for all things motherhood and raising children, the purpose of "Mom Crush Mondays" is to share with all of you the moms who inspire me with the hope that they will inspire you too.

This week's featured mom is a very dear friend of mine. We have been friends since college back home in Jamaica, and even though we live almost 500 miles apart, we have maintained a meaningful friendship over the years. Please let me introduce you to this week's #mcm, my friend Jerene McKenzie!

1. Tell me a little about yourself (well our reading audience, I know you like a book lol)

My name is Jerene pronounced like Tangerine (Yep I'm always thinking about food lol) Jamaican mommy, wife, YouTube creator, Instagram Food Blogger, and Ebook author. Currently living in Canada.

2. What would you say is the hardest part about raising kids?

It's impossible for me to pick one. To be perfectly honest, the hardest part for me is doing it without my mom being alive. Aside from that, the sleep deprivation and seeing him hurt from bumps to bruises to fevers.

3. What advice would you give moms about raising passionate kids?

Children live what they learn. If parents exude passion and drive, the kids are most likely to follow in their footsteps.

4. What advice would you give moms about achieving their personal goals while raising kids?

Embrace your talents, passions, and dreams because your kids are watching, and they'll learn to do the same. However, examine those goals to ensure they are aligned with creating a legacy your children can be proud of.

5. What's one self-care practice that you enjoy?

Self-care...oh boy, do I need more of that! Painting my nails while watching one (I mean like 10 episodes lol) of my favorite shows with no interruptions.

6. What is your "poised mom power"? #poisedmompower

Hmmm...multitasking lol

7. Where Can readers find you online?

Instagram: @JerenesEats

Youtube: Jerene's Eats


Yay! Thank you, Jerene. Please check out all her pages if you're looking for delicious recipes for your favorite Jamaican food. Please come next week to meet another amazing mom.

Be well,


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