Mom Crush Monday!

Hey mamas! It's another #momcrushmonday. I’ve been crushing on this mom for years because she’s also another close friend of mine. She was one of my first friends to start the journey of motherhood and I’ve learned so much from her. She’s one of the strongest, most loyal and faithful people I know. She’s an avid DIYer and so creative it's insane! You can follow her Pinterest Boards @shaneil85. Allow me to introduce to you Miss Donieka Jones. She had some wise words to share in our conversation.

1. A brief intro about yourself.

I'm Doneika Jones, born in Jamaica currently living in Florida. I'm married with the most beautiful kids - Jaeda and Ashton. Right now I'm in the theatre industry, but working on my Event Management career.

2. What would you say is the hardest part about raising kids?

I'd say the hardest part is seeing how fast they are growing - knowing that one day I'll be an empty-nester. "Time goes by when you're having fun" - this is so true. Sometimes I wish I could slow down time with them. We are raising them to grow up to be strong and independent. But it saddens me when I think about them going off to college, moving out and starting their own lives. I guess I'm gonna have to get a dog then lol.

3. What advice would you give moms about raising passionate kids?

Our kids are like a sponge; they adapt and absorb all that's poured into them. It's on us moms to create an environment that's of positive energy, love and unity. On this their character is being built.

4. What advice would you give moms about achieving their personal goals while raising kids?

To be honest, it's not easy. However, with proper planning and time management YOU CAN DO IT!As moms, we can't get enough "me time". But it is important that we make time for ourselves. "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail", I live by this philosophy. Planning ahead allows your day to run much smoother, and YOU mom can actually get things done. I suggest getting a planner, whether digital or the good old book (remember those? I have one, and start writing things down. There are 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour, 60 seconds in a minute - make the most of this. Remember this, "IF YOU CHANGE YOUR ROUTINE, YOU'LL CHANGE YOUR LIFE" Terri Savelle Foy.

5. What's one self-care practice that you enjoy?

Omg, this is tough to answer. I enjoy party planning. I know this may not be considered a self practice, but I pretty much eat, sleep and breathe parties. Rather on focusing on myself, I prefer to have gatherings and social interactions. It's my "zen time" when I put pencil to paper and draft floor plans and decor accents. Don't forget shopping - OMG, I love receiving packages! I'm a weirdo right?

6. What's your poised mom power #pmp?

#Ihaveto - No matter what the situation is:

I have to be strong

I have to keep smiling

I have to hold my head up

I have to keep fighting

I have to get it together

I have to shut up and put up sometimes

As one of my favorite motivational speakers Les Brown would say: "When life knocks you down, try to fall on your back; because if you can look up, you can get up." Being a mother is no joke, it'll knock you down sometimes. But remember that still small voice saying, "I have to......."

7. Where can other moms find/follow you online?

Haha, I've ghost out for a very long time. I appreciate social media and all the opportunities that surround it. But right now my kids are my social media. I'm active on Pinterest - shaneil85

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