5 Lessons Being a Plant Mom Taught Me About Achieving Goals

One of my lifestyle goals is to become a better plant mama. I love plants (both inside and outside), I love seeing them and learning about them; But, in total transparency, I usually do a horrible job of looking after them. The last few months I’ve made a commitment with my plants to do better by them (yes we talk now 😌) and in return, they are just flourishing. This journey of becoming a plant mom has taught me so much about going after my goals and dreams and I know it will also be beneficial to you:

🪴 Patience is a virtue; I love the idea of instant gratification (like most of us do) if I can get in two days are less sign me up! But with plants, things are a bit slower and I’ve learned to appreciate the time in between. As we chase our goals we must practice patience. Everything that has your name on it will be yours in due time, in due season. You must first get clear about what you want and take the actions necessary towards your goal. This will require patience - appreciate the process.

🪴Mindfulness is so important; When I water my babies or take them outside on the front porch, a sense of calm and peace comes over me. Nothing else matters at that moment. Me, them and sometimes a cup of coffee. It is here I think of all the things I have to be grateful for. Some of my greatest ideas come to me as I sit admiring them. My little ones join me sometimes and we kiki on the porch. Although I have to keep a close eye on the 3 yr old, she likes to pick things :). In the same way, we must be mindful and express a sense of gratitude as we work on our goals. Being grateful for where we now bring us closer to where you want to be.

🪴Sometimes growth means changing our environment; I’ve never been the one

to re-pot my plants (I’ll admit, I gave it very little thought) whatever pot I bought them in, well that’s where they stayed. Problem is, over time they would outgrow that pot and needed to be placed in a bigger pot that had the space and room for them to continue to grow. Because of the lack of changing their environment, I guess they felt stuck and began showing signs of withering and eventually died. Don’t let your goals and dreams die! What you’re feeling is not the fact that your goal is impossible, it might be signs that you need a new environment to grow and fulfill your purpose. You may need new people in your life that will help you realize your goals. You may need an accountability partner or mentorship. Don’t be afraid to start living in a bigger pot and fill it with what you need. All your dreams are possible!

🪴Consistency is key; Can we repeat that “Consistency is key!” The more consistent I am in my practice of taking care of my plants the more they flourish. I now include “water the plants” in my planner. Before, it was a thing of chance or an afterthought “oh they look like they could use some water”. My plants have shown so much promise the more consistent I am with them. The results you seek in your own goals also require consistency. Make a commitment to consistently do the things that will bring you the result you need.

🪴We all need an outlet/ drainage. I also recently learned that some plants don’t appreciate too much water. Too much water can lead to rotting in the roots and eventually your plant will die, (yes this has happened to me 🤦🏾‍♀️) which is why it’s best to have a pot with unobstructed holes in the bottom to allow for the excess water to drain. In this fast-paced, overworked, information overload of a world that we live in we all need an outlet or several outlets. Don’t be afraid to unplug and reset ever so often, do more of what makes you happy, tap into your creative genius, move your body and spend time with the people who you love.

There you have it! I’m so excited to grow my collection and maybe next year even start a vegetable garden. I’m having

the same energy to chart new goals and continue stretching in every pillar of my life. As always I love you for reading. Let me know in the comments if you are a plant mom/dad, what are some lessons that you have learned?

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