How to Reclaim Your Goals in 2021!

It's December, two days away from the end of the year; My last blog post was August. Quite honestly, I allowed the heaviness of this year to knock the wind out from under me. In the last few months as I geared up to return to my classroom with lots of uncertainty and fear of the unknown. I also had to make some tough decisions regarding child care and school for my girls in response to all the changes with this very different school year. As I write these words I’m reminded of the fact that so many different households with small children across the globe are experiencing the same thing. As cliche as it may sound we’re truly all in this together.

I had set out on a mission with this series of blog posts to share the steps that have helped me in the last few years achieve my goals in various aspects of my life — family, career, finances, relationships etc. and I intend on completing that. If you missed the first few steps I shared previously, here you go: Shift your mindset, seek clarity, set S.M.A.R.T goals, just take the first step.

`Today I’d like to talk about taking care of ourselves. As moms, we usually wear many hats; Mom, of course being the most important. Most of us understand the importance of self-care but if we’re brutally honest with ourselves, self-care is one area we fail miserably. Lately, I’ve been thinking about what 360 self-care looks like, taking care of the whole you. Many times we focus on just the physical aspect of caring for ourselves, but self-care has to run deeper than just that. Focusing on the five areas listed below will give you the clarity and energy needed to chase your goals and live a more fulfilling life.

  1. Physical

  2. Spiritual

  3. Social-emotional

  4. Psychological

  5. Self-actualization

As mothers, we tend to tap into 3-4 of these categories and pure ourselves into our families and kids, but self-care is an important step to reclaiming your goals. I’m becoming more and more mindful of how I’m taking care of myself, especially during this season.

Remember to find an accountability partner. My first daughter was about 3 when I got the call from a very close friend. She kindly asked if I could be her accountability partner. To which I responded, what’s that? She explained and I thought it was brilliant! It was also at that point I realized that once I became a mom I hadn’t thought about or set any goals for myself (or at least not written them down ). For the last four years, we’ve played the role of each other’s accountability partner and it’s been such a wonderful experience.

It is not just enough to write your goals down but review your goals often and reward yourself for little achievements. One of my favorite phrases has become, "progress is progress". Be kind to yourself and reward yourself for the small wins. By doing this you gain the momentum to keep going. Find time to reflect, redefine, and refocus. Reflect on what's working for you, and do more of that. Do away with the things that don't serve you. Life happens, and when it does you may need to redefine some of those goals and refocus.

Share your goals and share them often; Not only does doing this helps to hold you accountable, but hearing yourself say what you want to achieve also helps to give you clarity. The only warning here is to be careful with who you choose to share your goals with. Make sure it's the people in your life that are your cheerleaders, the optimistic rocket booster friends. And lastly, create a visual representation of your goals - a vision board. Join me next time when I'll share how to create a vision board.

As always, love you for reading.


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