New Year, New You!3 Things you Should do Before Tackling Your Goals for 2022

Hey there! Happy New Year! This is my first post since the new year and I am so happy to have you here. One of my goals this year is to show up here more consistently. What is one goal that you have for this new year? Maybe you have already created a long list of habits to change, things to do, books to read, committed to using your gym membership :) you name it. Or, maybe you haven’t gotten around to it yet. What if I told you the latter might not be such a bad thing.

One of the biggest mistakes people tend to make as a new year approaches is, becoming overly ambitious setting goals without intention. The bad habits that we’ve developed over time, and our negative self-talk will not suddenly change over a week or even one month. It takes consistent reflection, steady progression, and being gentle with ourselves. You don’t want to start strong in January and by the time February rolls around you reach a point of overwhelm and become unmotivated because you set generic goals that are not aligned with your values and out of touch with your greater purpose. Here are three things you should do before setting goals.

1. Reflect on the Previous Year

Reflect on last year and think about what changes you like to see in your life. What was the best thing that you experienced? What was the most challenging thing you encountered? What did you achieve? What personal characteristics or habits worked in your favor? What habits didn’t support you? Who were the people in your life that were instrumental in your successes? Who are the people in your life that are detrimental to your growth? Reflecting allows you to feel gratitude for the many wonderful things in your life and think about areas of growth and improvement.

2. Assess Each Category of Your Life

When you think of each pillar of your life (finances, health, relationships, spirituality…) how does it make you feel? Maybe some aspects leave you feeling unsatisfied; It's time to set goals and take action to change that. Maybe there are aspects of your life that leave you feeling satisfied and excited about the future; It's time to create more of those feelings into all aspects of your life. You can do this by using a “Wheel of Life” exercise, adopted from Paul Meyer. This exercise will help you assess your needs and set goals aligned with your core values. You can find a complete guide on how to use it in this free vision board workbook.

3. Affirm Yourself

If this is not something you already practice, start affirming yourself every day. Remind yourself of the things that make you special. We must become gatekeepers to our minds. Too many of us fall victim to the negative thoughts that pop up in our minds. Worse than that, we repeat them out loud, turning them into self-fulfilling prophecies.

  • “I’m never going to be able to find the time to do this”

  • “I’m not smart enough"

  • “I suck at this”

Negative thoughts like those undermine your achievements. Turn those negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Repeat them to yourself as if you have already achieved what you are working toward. They become even more powerful when you begin those statements with “I AM”. When things feel hard and challenging, make a promise to yourself not to give up but affirm “I AM STRONG, AND I CAN DO HARD THINGS”. You may not have the knowledge and skills needed to accomplish a specific goal, but affirm, “I AM LEARNING NEW THINGS EVERY DAY!

You are ready my friend to have the best year yet! If you are serious about laying it all out, don’t forget to download my free vision board workbook. I love you for reading!

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